Family Food Time

Traveling during COVID is not something that’s highly recommended.  In fact, the opposite is suggested.  But those highly advised conditions kind of go out the window when you get the phone call that your Grandpa who lives in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) has just passed away.

So, we packed our bags and we drove the 9 hours to the border, praying the whole way that we had all the proper papers and information to prove we needed to enter the country.  The border was fairly uneventful (thank you Lord), and then we began the least exciting part of the trip: spending 14 days in isolated quarantine in a studio apartment AirBnB.  Canadian COVID restrictions are fairly similar to those in the states, but they do have a stricter enforcement of quarantining, especially when coming from out of the country.

Truth be told, I love my sister and mom.  They’re two of the best gals I know.  So, those two weeks actually flew by.  We all had things to do and there was a smart TV, so we weren’t hurting.  And then we had one week in Canada to actually see and hug family.  It’s strange to make a trip and only get to spend 33% of the time actually visiting the people you came to see.  Especially when the reason for the trip is to celebrate the life of your Grandpa, and simultaneously mourn his absence.

My sister and I decided that we wanted to make dinner for our Grandma, Mom, and Aunt on one of our last nights in Canada.  We like to cook, we like to cook together, and our family puts up with that, so it was a win-win situation.  Carolynne had mentioned making this casserole we’d made a few months prior, and when we had made it then, we used what we had in the house and had to modify.  But this time, we were going to follow the recipe (more closely) to the letter!

So I’ll put the link here:


I will admit we did not make our own peanut butter, but instead used the crunchy peanut butter we had on hand.  It was so yummy, and really easy to make.  The week we got with family had a lot of wonderful moments, lots of beautiful photos and memories shared, and we remembered how wonderful my Grandpa was.


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